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Denali 3x

Expedition 3X with Square Dutch Oven

Camp Chef's Denali 3X now comes standard with easy-to-use Matchless Ignition system.

The Denali includes three large burners for a combined output of 90,000 BTU's which makes it one of the most powerful portable stoves currently available. To add even more cooking versatility, the Denali 3X package includes a True-Seasoned 13" square cast iron Dutch oven along with a convenient paper towel holder and tool hook.


Because this Dutch oven comes with Camp Chef's True-Seasoned finish, it is ready to use right out of the box. As an added bonus the new Denali 3X package also includes a Three-Sided Windscreen to help keep the flame burning strong in windy conditions. With this package you should be able to cook anything, anywhere, anytime, just like you would at home.


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Expedition 3X with Square Dutch Oven

Denali 3X Features

  • Nickel Plated Grate
  • Three 30,000 BTU Burners
  • Detachable Legs & Windscreen
  • Matchless Ignition
  • Total Cooking Area: 608 Sq. Inches
  • Stove Dimensions: 16W x 38L x 31H
  • Total Output 90, 000 BTU
  • Weight: 56 lbs.
  • INCLUDES: Hose & Regulator
  • Propane tank NOT included

Key Accessories


If you are considering the Denali 3X as your stove of choice...

Watch our Denali 3X video as we show you what comes in the box and how to assemble the stove. Well also show you a couple of great accessory items you can purchase along with your Denali 3x that will make it the perfect backyard system.



I recently purchased a Campon Mar 16, 2014 9:25 pm

I recently purchased a Camp Chef's Denali 3X and I will like to know if there is a kit to convert it to Natural Gas? Thanks.

Yes, there is a conversionon Mar 18, 2014 10:29 am

Yes, there is a conversion kit. Here is the link to the conversion kit we carry: http://www.outdoorcooking.com/natural-gas-connection-kit.html

Can I use this without theon Jan 28, 2014 12:26 am

Can I use this without the legs? I want to put on my counter outside patio. Does the stove move when i cook? Thx

Yes, you can cook without theon Jan 29, 2014 9:47 am

Yes, you can cook without the legs. However, you will want to be sure that the surface it is on isn't plastic or flammable.

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