Deep Frying Fun

There’s no hiding the fact that we here at are big fans of Camp Chef products.

We frequently check out their blog to see what they’re up to and what they’re cooking. You can always count on finding something tasty to cook on their blog.Last week they posted a recipe for some fish tacos, a delicious looking salsa, and what intrigued me the most, a deep fried desert. I’m not sure what it was but after reading this I was determined to do some deep frying of my own. So I convinced my wife to participate in a deep fried taste testing experiment with me. I figured all the items I wanted to try and make would be great sometime when friends or family came over, but I didn’t want to do my experimenting then. I thought we should have a trial run with most of this stuff.

Using the Camp Chef Deep Fry Pot (DP10) on the right most burner of my Camp Chef Big Gas Grill (SPG90B), we added about a gallon of pure vegetable oil to the pot and set to work. We had found a couple recipes online for some deep fried goodies. First was an artichoke and crab dip. Nothing deep fried required there so we grabbed so corn tortillas from the store, cut them up into small wedges and fried them up.

Frying 1


I didn’t have a food thermometer with me (don’t hate me, I was just a little under prepared), but the chips fried up best with the temperature knob in between the medium and low setting on the stove. Use a strainer and when the chips start to feel crisp, you’ll know they’re close. Once they’re crispy and a nice golden brown, they’re done.

Frying 2


We lightly salted them and then enjoyed them with the artichoke and crab dip.

frying 3


Next we tried to make some egg rolls. We bought a package of pre-cut coleslaw, chopped everything up into even smaller pieces, threw it all in a pan with a little olive oil, ginger and salt, and cooked everything down a bit.

frying 4


We added the mix to some store bought egg roll wrappers and used some egg to keep everything secured in place.

frying 5


With the oil still at the same temperature from the tortilla chips we dropped the egg rolls into the oil. Neither my wife nor I had ever really deep fried anything so we had no idea how long we were supposed to cook the egg rolls. We based our cooking time on trying to make our egg rolls the same color as the egg rolls that you would get at your local Chinese restaurant. Once they looked a nice golden brown, we pulled them out, patted them down with a paper towel to get rid some extra oil, and they were ready to eat.

frying 6


Not to toot my own horn, but they turned out pretty dang good.

frying 7


We had intentions to fry up some onion rings but having filled up on egg rolls and chips with dip, decided to save those for another day. But there was still one thing we had to try, and it was the reason we wanted to start deep frying in the first place, the chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow fried delight that we had read about on the Camp Chef blog.

So just like the Camp Chef blog mentioned we used some refrigerated buttermilk biscuits, rolled them flat and added milk chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and marshmallows.

frying 8


Fried them up, topped them off with whip cream, and enjoyed a small piece of heaven in a fried crust.

frying 9


Like I mentioned, this was really our first experience frying and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how things turned out. We’re already putting a list together of new ideas for fried food. I’ll keep you posted.