DeeJays Smoke Pit Reviews the Camp Chef Smoke Vault

Smoke Vault

I have three smokers. One is a Camp Chef SMV24S Smoke Vault 24″ Inch vertical propane smoker.

The wide heat range control allows you to slowly and economically make jerky, bacon or cold smoke cheese or crank it up to cook or smoke roast chickens for the backyard party.{C}{C}{C}{C}{C} Outfitters and caterers alike will find the Smoke Vault conducive for baking breads and pies. The smoker features a 20,000 BTU/hr. propane burner, stainless steel water pan and cast iron wood chip box.

The unit was extremely easy to assemble. Most of the burner unit was pre-assembled already so all that was need was to assemble the smoke box add the legs and front dressing plate, mount the burner and handles. From start to finish it took about 30 minutes without instructions.

It’s a very nice looking unit kind of resembles a safe from an old western movie. The thermometer is mounted in what looks like the combination lock dial and was extremely accurate (+/- 4°F) without any adjusting when compared to a Taylor dial thermometer and a Maverick digital from a range of 90°F to 350°F. Temperature was checked with an average outside temperature of 50°F. It’s also one of the few smokers that comes with an adjustable thermometer. That’s really nice you can pull it out and calibrate it every now and then to make sure it’s right on!

The unit is made of what appears to be a somewhat heavier gage metal than most units I’ve seen and is very sturdy with a nice heavy powder coated finish. The wide body will easily accept a full rack of pork ribs or a large brisket without a problem or need to cut! You can lay four racks of baby backs on one rack if you choose to or three with plenty of space between them. Two briskets fit neatly on one a rack.


Product Features 
  • 24 ½ inches wide by 17 inches deep by 31 inches high food smoker/baker
  • Airtight, gun-safe design for optimal efficiency
  • 4 large adjustable/removable nickel-plated racks
  • Fully adjustable 20,000 BTU burner
  • Push and turn Electronic ignition Oven-style Temperature Control
  • Cast iron smoke tray won’t warp or flake
  • Cast Burner – Commercial quality for lasting durability
  • Enables easy adjustment of output
Special Product Characteristics 
  • Two Side Handles -Conveniently carry
  • Three adjustable air flow vents (two on the side one on top)
  • Large locker style door handle
  • Very accurate door mounted thermometer

The racks slide out for easy turning or to add, turn or mop food. The nickel plating allows for easy cleaning with just a light brushing with a brass BBQ brush or a damp greenie sponge.

There are four removable and adjustable racks with five rack positions. An extra rack is available for purchase if you choose to do so. Each rack is large enough to accommodate large pieces of meat or trays of food yet small enough to fit in most self-cleaning ovens to clean if desired.

The burner is easily adjustable for low temperature smokes as low as 100ºF and as high as 500ºF. It works really well for smoking meat, baking bread, rolls or pies, making pizza or anything you would use a grill, smoker or oven for.

The heavy gauge cast iron wood pan (10 x 11) although shallow will hold enough wood chunks to get through a full smoking session with only one or two additions and allows a nice slow smoldering of the wood rather than fire and flame. It also will hold enough charcoal to do a very low temperature cold smoke for bacon, lox or cheeses.

The water pan is a light weigh stainless steel and will hold enough water for a whole smoke of up to 6 to 8 hours.

I have averaged about 40 hours per 20 pound tank at between 230°F to 275°F. It is very economical to use! I recommend a wind break of some sort when smoking just to save fuel on those cold winter days.

I highly recommend this unit. There are no modifications required for proper operation, achieving and maintaining temperature is a simple matter of pushing in then turning the dial. Pushing in the dial allows for gas flow and turning it activates and automatic sparker that fires up the first time every time.

I managed to fry my burner and called Camp Chef. I had submitted my registration of the product online so when I called they just type in my name and there I was. Before I even finished explaining what I did the woman on the phone said the part will be there in a few day – and it was! No questions asked!

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  1. I have a camp chef 20 four-inch just got it and working with it I have not been able to keep it at less than 150° what a my doing wrong?

    1. It could be that you have what is called Low-Flow. This means that the safety feature built-in to your regulator, is limiting the amount of fuel going to your Smoke Vault. To resolve this, turn the gas on all the way prior to lighting your Smoke Vault. That often times can reset the regulator. If the issue continues, we recommend you contact our Customer Support at 1-866-674-0538.

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