Smoke Vault 18-inch by Camp Chef

How to Put Together a Camp Chef Smoke Vault

Did you get a new Camp Chef Smoke Vault for Christmas this year? Congratulations! You’re probably itching to get started with fresh jerky, perfectly smoked ribs, and delicious sausage. So let’s get that box unpacked and start cooking. Follow the steps below, or watch the video for a visual guide.


Step 1

Unpack the box, remove the Smoke Vault, and open the door. Inside, you will find three boxes of all the parts you need. This includes a chip tray, cooking grid, air vents, thermometer, door handle, legs, water tray, and several other pieces. Find the instruction booklet.


Step 2

Remove all the parts from their boxes and wrappers, and set aside into piles.


Step 3

Remove the door and flip the Smoke Vault upside down. Attach the legs at the corner and side bolts only.


Step 4

Attach the burner panel when both front legs have been installed.


Step 5

Assemble the burner and attach with only four bolts. Then attach the knob bezel using two screws, line up the knob, and secure.


Step 6

Attach the gas line to the flare fitting, and tighten it all the way for a secure fit. Tighten all the bolts on the Smoke Vault.


Step 7

Flip your Smoke Vault right-side up so it’s standing on its legs.


Step 8

Attach the three damper valves and two handles. Hang the propane hose from the handle.


Step 9

Attach the thermometer to the front door. Be sure to remove the red safety cap. Attach the handle to the front door.


Step 10

Install grease pan first, the chip tray second, and the water tray third. Then insert the smoker racks.


Step 11

Fire up the smoker and get some food on those racks! Enjoy your new toy.