2016 Gear Guide: Home & Patio - Featured

2016 Gear Guide: Home & Patio

It is time to make your back patio your go-to outdoor space. With fifteen different items to elevate your outdoor experience, you can truly make it your own. With items ranging from cooking, organization & seating, to entertainment, you will easily be able to entertain a few to a few dozen with ease.

2016 Camping Gear Guide

2016 Gear Guide: Camping

Whether you are a camper or a glamper, there are some creature comforts just about everyone needs to make a trip in the outdoors memorable.

Halloween pumpkin and fall leaf

Halloween Outdoor Movie Night–Here’s Everything You Need

This is the year to take your Halloween movie night to the next level. We don’t mean learning how to make mummy hot dogs or planning a marathon of all twenty Jason films. We mean it’s time to take your movie night outside. Think about...Read More

How to Host a Great Tailgate Party

4 Steps to an Awesome Tailgate Party

You don’t have to be a seasoned tailgater of twenty years to put on a successful tailgate party. In fact, you only need to follow the basics for the fun, delicious tailgating experience you’re hoping for. The pros might tell you about all the bells and whistles...Read More

Be prepared for every emergency.

5 Things to Add to Your Emergency Preparedness Kit this Month

  Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?   Just kidding. That’s only in the movies.   But…   Are you ready for Emergency Preparedness Month? That might be a question worth considering.   Whether you believe a zombie outbreak is a real possibility or...Read More

Steak Kabobs

Steak Kabobs

There's finger food and there's finger food. This recipe for Steak Kabobs from the folks at Camp Chef is the later. Check out this great tasting recipe.

Grilled Chicken Wings

Grilled Chicken Wings

There is some food that no matter how close you are with your family or friends…you just don’t want to share. This recipe for chicken wings from Camp Chef fits right in to that category. But, if you must share, you can easily make enough...Read More