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Blow torch!! Review by Backyard Chef
I have used a 3 burner Camp Chef Tahoe on my deck for many years. We found it sometimes did not get used because it was difficult to move out of the wind or to store. I tried to find 30,000 BTU burners in a stainless cabinet or cart for mobility. It would have also been nice to have stainless so it would match our stainless grill. That product is not out there unless you have it custom made._x000D_
The cooking side of this is great, if you need impressive heat you have it. The fold up shelves are also a nice feature._x000D_
I am disappointed in the mobility. When the cover is on, there really is no place to grab so the end without wheels can be lifted. We move everything out of the way when not in use and it is simply easier to cover/uncover out in the open as compared to up against a wall._x000D_
Also if you need to move things around slightly after you start cooking, it is probably not recommended since you have to lift to get that done. It seems like I am always giving my grill a slight turn to keep smoke/heat going downwind._x000D_
I will probably end up putting swivel casters on all 4 legs to fix the mobility issue. I should be able to that and make it look like it was made that way._x000D_
The cover also comes down far enough to keep the propane tank out of the weather. This is a great improvement over the Tahoe cover. I did cut the elastic band which made putting the cover on/off somewhat cumbersome. I have wind issues but never enough to blow the cover off._x000D_
Bottom line, this is a mobile cart but not as much as you might think out of the box. (Posted on 5/31/12)

Pros: Exceptional heat
Cons: Hard to move when covered

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