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Camp Chef Italia Pizza Kit


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Artisan BBQ Chicken Pizza

By: Admin Apr 16, 2015

Enjoying the warmer temperatures is more than just going on adventures. This recipe for BBQ Chicken Pizza is perfect for indoors or outdoors, but when you have a chance to cook outdoors, we say take the chance. This tasty recipe comes from the outdoor kitchen at Camp Chef. Ingredients:Pizza dou...

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Camp Chef’s Italia Pizza Kit is put together for the artisan inside you. This kit includes the tools you will need to create perfect artisan pizza all in one convenient bundle. Better yet, you'll save money by buying the kit over each piece individually.

How you'll use it:

The Infrared Thermometer is handy to read pizza stone temperatures so you'll know when conditions are right. Create your pies on the Italia Pizza Peels and easily slide your pizza into the oven. The Pizza Spatula is perfect for rotating your pizza if needed, working with it and removing from the oven when your creation reaches perfection. Then simply use the Rocking Pizza Cutter for the easiest way to slice pizza.


What's Included:

  • Two Pizza Peels
  • Infrared Cooking Thermometer
  • Pizza Spatula
  • Rocking Pizza Cutter