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Dutch Oven Dome

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Dutch Oven Dome

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Product Review (submitted on January 6, 2016):
This product does what its meant to do. Because it's not "hi-tech," you do go through a learning process using it. Like any camp oven, you have to keep the bottom of your food at a reasonable distance from the heat source. Dutch ovens have the legs.. and with the diffuser and a low flame, there should be no problem. Depending on what you cook, the lid on the dutch might serve as a heat protector keeping the ambient hot air from the top of the food. You might want to consider not using a heavy lid at that time. Remember too, that the tent can also serve as a very effective windshield if you want to use the lid with coals on top. Whether you're using top coals or leaving the lid off, you have to keep your eye on the food as the food cooks faster than you'd expect... especially breads and cakes. Obviously, the heat concentrates around your cooking vessel and food, but it can be controlled with patience and practice. Use a thermometer. I purchased this product a couple of years ago. The tent shows some char and wear around the edges, but still works for me. My learning process involved some overcooked breads, biscuits and rolls in the beginning. When using a stove, take your time and keep the fire low. BTW, you don't have to use a DO with this product. Pie pans (far above the flame)and skillets (although a bit awkward) are workable.
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