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Home Canning

Home Canning

It's a ritual and pastime of many families each year to preserve the harvest of a fruitful summer growing season. The trouble is it's a lot of work and can be rather messy affair. With our multi-burner stoves why not take the heat and hassle of canning harvest outdoors this year? Checkout our selection of outdoor stoves and canning accessories and simplify your canning this season.

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  1. Camp Chef Single Burner Outdoor CookerItem #: SHPRL

    List Price: $79.50

    Price: $60.00

    Special Price: $56.00

    You Save: $23.50 (30%)

    This convenient lightweight single burner stove is equipped with a maximum output burner. It has all the power of the bigger stoves, but folds up for compact storage. The 60,000 BTU/hr high pressure system is great for emergency preparedness. It ca... Learn More

  2. Camp Chef Universal Output Single BurnerItem #: SL30L

    List Price: $100.00

    Price: $75.00

    Special Price: $59.99

    You Save: $40.01 (40%)

    This versatile 30,000 BTU/hr outdoor appliance is great to use alone. Or you can also use it along side your bigger stove to add more power to your outdoor kitchen. This low pressure system is versatile enough for any of your cooking needs from fryi... Learn More

  3. Weston Roma Tomato Strainer & Sauce MakerItem #: 07-0801

    Price: $59.99

    The Roma Tomato Strainer separates seeds and skins from soft fruits and vegetables. This strainer is your best friend for home canning and pasta making. Use it to make apple sauce, tomato purees, fresh juices, salsa, baby food, jam, and more. Endors... Learn More

  4. Camp Chef 42 Quart Aluminum Fry Pot & BasketItem #: DP42

    List Price: $83.50

    Price: $63.00

    Special Price: $59.00

    You Save: $24.50 (29%)

    Camp Chef Aluminum pots are the perfect accessory for your Camp Chef stove. Available in sizes that can handle any challenge, you'll be sure to find a Camp Chef Aluminum Pot that will fit your deep fry, boil, or steaming needs. Includes basket and ba... Learn More

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