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Long Term Food Storage

A major component of any long term emergency preparedness plan is to have on hand sufficient quantities of food that will last the duration of the event. Today there are a number of companies on the market that specialize in long term food storage and prepackaged meals. See our collection below to select the right long term food storage solution for you.

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  1. Mountain House Pro-Pack - 1 PersonItem #: GROUP-290550

    Starting at: $5.84

    Mountain House Pro-Pack - 1 Person Learn More

  2. Mountain House VegetablesItem #: GROUP-290060

    Starting at: $3.14

    Mountain House Vegetables Learn More

  3. Mountain House Entrees - 2 PersonItem #: GROUP-289800

    Starting at: $5.93

    Mountain House Entrees - 2 Person Learn More

  4. Mountain House #10 CansItem #: GROUP-290102

    Starting at: $16.19

    Mountain House #10 Cans Learn More

  5. Mountain House Breakfast CoursesItem #: GROUP-290053

    Starting at: $4.31

    Mountain House Breakfast Courses Learn More

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