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EcoZoom Zoom Dura Stove


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Candy Sushi

By: Admin Mar 12, 2013

      By: Megan JTo celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day I wanted to make a fun, green treat to share with my family!  I was craving marshmallow Rice Krispy treats, but the thought of dying them green didn’t sound appetizing.  So I decided to make Rice Krispy treats out ...

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EcoZoom’s Zoom Dura rocket stove burns wood and other dry solid biomass. The Dura is great for camping and has proven its durability in developing countries where the stove is used daily.

It features an abrasion resistant and durable ceramic combustion chamber with a 10 cm in diameter vertical section that forces the gases to mix with the flame, decreasing harmful emissions. The Zoom Dura adds a refractory metal liner to the inside of the combustion chamber that protects the ceramic insulation, increases the life of your stove, and improves combustion efficiency. This stove also features a reinforced metal doorframe for increased durability and stove life and installation sockets on the doorframe to hold the improved stick support system. The Zoom Dura features a durable, reformulated 6-pronged cast iron stovetop that improves heat transfer for all pots including round bottom pots and woks. The bottom of the combustion chamber is lined with a custom fit replaceable, abrasion-resistant, and kiln-fired tile to increase the life of your stove.



  • Stove: D-10 3/4 in. H-11 1/2 in
  • Door: W-4 1/2 in H-4 1/4 in


  • Shipping Weight: 21.5lbs / 9.75kg
  • Refractory metal liner on ceramic combustion chamber
  • Abrasion-resistant, lightweight ceramic insulation
  • 6-pronged universal cast iron stove top
  • Adjustable galvanized steel Pot Skirt
  • Stick support with installation sockets
  • Painted sheet metal body with reinforced doors
  • Kiln-fired removable bottom tile
  • Plastic and steel handle