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Lightweight Cookware

If you have a lightweight stove you are going to need lightweight cookware to use with it. In this category you'll find all kinds of accessory cookware design specifically for use on smaller compact stove designs. Everything from utensils, pots & pans, to compact griddles and more.

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  1. GSI Fairshare Mug, BlueItem #: 79252

    List Price: $9.95

    Price: $9.95

    The SUV of liquid containers, the GSI Fairshare mug is a 'must have' on any camping trip.  Use it has a cup or a bowl, measure liquid with the measuring lines on the outside.  Put the lid on to keep some leftovers for later then clip it to ... Learn More

  2. GSI Crossover Kitchen KitItem #: 90102

    List Price: $34.95

    Price: $34.95

    Completely integrated kitchen set has every utensil for any gourmet backpacking trip Lightweight tote keeps everything organized and nests within nFORM Crossover System Cooksets Pivoting tools rotate from stored to working position Wat... Learn More

  3. GSI Gourmet Backpack KitchenItem #: 90106

    List Price: $14.95

    Price: $7.48

    You Save: $7.47 (50%)

    The ultimate in simplicity, the GSI Gourmet Backpack Kitchen has only the essentials.  Eating while backpacking doesn't havet to be just freeze dried meals.  Make yourself something nice with the GSI Gourmet Backpack Kitchen.  You dese... Learn More

  4. GSI Kitchen 11Item #: 90108

    List Price: $32.95

    Price: $16.48

    You Save: $16.47 (50%)

    Camping doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices. And this lightweight cooking kit proves it. The perfect companion for the backcountry gourmand who demands a bit more from their adventure than just killer views and bug bites, it’s got ever... Learn More

  5. Vargo Titanium FlatwareItem #: CONFIG-120022

    List Price: $9.95

    Price: $8.99

    You Save: $0.96 (10%)

    VARGO Titanium Campware is the lightest spork available. Each piece weighs under 0.5 oz. (lighter than lexan!) All utensils are fully polished to look and feel great. Learn More

  6. Liberty Mountain Polycarbonate CampwareItem #: CONFIG-330350

    List Price: $5.49

    Price: $4.25

    You Save: $1.24 (23%)

    Exceptional prices for exceptional quality. Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate resin, LM Campware is both lightweight and extremely durable. Designed for use outdoors and they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Learn More

  7. GSI Halulite MinimalistItem #: 50139

    Price: $27.95

    Ultimate ultralight design integrates everything you need for hot meals and warm drinks in an impossibly small footprint. Convenient silicone pot gripper attaches magnetically to fuel canister while cooking so it’s always at h... Learn More

  8. GSI Bugaboo Mess KitItem #: 44120

    List Price: $29.95

    Price: $29.95

    The dependable non-stick option for all your outdoor cooking needs. These high-quality aluminum pots and pans are light enough for backpacking, yet heat evenly enough to satisfy the most demanding camp cook. Plus, each piece is fully-formed then coat... Learn More

  9. Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite MugItem #: 120013

    List Price: $54.95

    Price: $47.99

    You Save: $6.96 (13%)

    TITANIUM TI-LITE MUG:The Ti-lite mug offers innovative versatility for ultra-lightweight cooking systems. The mug is compact enough to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or tea. yet large enough to cook single meal entrees. Made from the highest gr... Learn More

  10. Vargo Stainless Steel ScorkItem #: 120026

    List Price: $6.95

    Price: $5.99

    You Save: $0.96 (14%)

    VARGO STAINLESS STEEL SCORK:Is it a spoon. is it a can opener. is it a fork...it's a SCORK! The Scork by Vargo is made of high quality polished stainless steel and is ideal for hiking and backpacking. Weight: .9 oz. Learn More

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