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9 Essential Gadgets Every Outdoor Enthusiast Needs Thu, 2015-01-08 14:39 By: Admin

Whether you are grilling, backpacking in the Alps, or are in need of some power in an emergency situation, there are just some things you need. They make life easier and, at times, will keep you alive in the worse of situations. These 9 items are gear that anyone can find a use for. The only question is, where do you start?Water ... Read more

2015 Gear Guide Sat, 2015-01-03 10:27 By: Admin

2015 is the year of accomplishing your goals. Whether to achieve that goal in one month or six months from now, this is the year to go for it. The key to making those goals a bit easier to attain is having the right gear. Whether it be spending more quality time with family and friends, or staying warm on a cold spring night watching the stars, our 2015 Gear Guide will help. Master the Art of... Read more

Grill a Thanksgiving Turkey with a Turkey Cannon Thu, 2014-11-13 17:16 By: Admin

It has become such a tradition to cook a turkey in an oven, that to cook it any other way almost seems impossible. However, when you take a minute to see what other options there are out there for cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, your eyes will be opened. Gary House tried something new this year. He took a page from Camp Chef and got their Turkey Cannon and Brine Kit and his grill. Be prepared fo... Read more